Iryna Marchenko – sports nutritionist, nutrition consultant.

I will help you adjust your body weight, gain muscle mass, improve your well-being and avoid the development of some ailments, including obesity. My goal is your health!

Work with patients

When working with patients, I take into account the physiological needs of each person, bad habits, study the diet, determine what is not enough in the menu and what is in excess. Based on these data, I learn to eat properly in order to maintain metabolic processes in the body at the proper level.

Values in which I am sure

I have in my assortment personally developed nutrition programs for athletes, vegetarians and for those who just want to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy and feel good. After all, proper nutrition means eating a variety of foods that provide all the nutrients needed to maintain health.
These substances include protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. A sufficient amount of each of the elements ensures the proper functioning of all organ systems and preserves their healthy state.

"I will teach you to understand your body and its needs, to love and accept yourself, to live in joy and harmony with yourself and the world!"

With proper nutrition, it is important to focus on the general diet, and not on individual substances. No single nutrient element will make a person healthy, so it is necessary to follow a varied and complex diet.

The need to change your lifestyle

Proper nutrition is an inseparable condition of a healthy lifestyle. Rational use of products will help to achieve high performance and activity throughout life.

According to WHO, 70% of our health depends on nutrition. Non-compliance with basic rules shortens life expectancy and provokes the appearance of non-infectious diseases of various types: oncological, cardiovascular, diabetes.

This fact is confirmed by a study conducted from 1990 to 2017 in 195 countries. His results showed that every fifth death in the world is caused by the consumption of unhealthy food and an insufficient amount of useful substances. To avoid such consequences for life and health, you should change your eating habits.

Iryna Marchenko

Sports nutritionist, nutrition consultant.