Some convince us that the best solution for breakfast will be oatmeal, others insist that an omelet made of proteins is a real miracle and salvation from hunger. There is no single opinion on this matter. There is only one point of contact – this is that you should not eat fast carbohydrates for breakfast. The worst thing you can do for your body is to eat a croissant and drink coffee in the morning. Why?

The pancreas automatically reacts to each meal, and in response, when carbohydrates enter the body, it produces the hormone insulin.

The more carbohydrates, the more insulin, which is a serious problem for the pancreas. Fast carbohydrates cause insulin to rise quickly and then fall quickly. The blood sugar level will immediately jump, which of course will lead to an increase in energy, but for a short period of time. Remember: fast jumps = fast falls. These fluctuations can manifest in the form of hunger, which we can feel literally an hour or two after such a breakfast.

Oatmeal belongs to slow carbohydrates. It seems as if there is no more correct and delicious breakfast than this, but this opinion is not entirely correct. After eating cereals, hunger will come after two or three hours. In addition, many people who consume only cereals or large amounts of slow carbohydrates in the morning soon experience drowsiness, a drop in energy and a slowdown in mental activity. It turns out that carbohydrates are not the best option for breakfast.

❗️The correct answer is a breakfast rich in proteins and fats. Healthy fats should not scare you, because they are one of the most useful elements of the diet. They are found in oils and avocados. But an ideal source of protein for the morning can be eggs, fish, chicken or turkey. Vegetarians can always find plant sources of protein in mushrooms and legumes.

The best option for breakfast is scrambled eggs with avocado🍳 or an omelet with spinach. By the way, you can safely supplement the combination of eggs and vegetables with a piece of bread. Looking for a healthy alternative? Then look to whole wheat flour.