Cheese Dessert with Banana without Baking


2 hours

4 servings

Quick cheese roll with banana and cookies without baking is a delicious and simple dessert for every day or holiday table.
Cheese and banana go well together, these products successfully complement chocolate cookies.


2 tablespoons of cocoa
50 g of coconut flour
150 ml of milk
500 g of cheese
1 tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
2 bananas
350 g of chocolate cookies
Nutritional information
7g Squirrels
19g Fats
19g Carbohydrates
274kcal Calorie


  • Transfer the cheese to the blender bowl, pour 40 ml of milk, add sugar, vanilla sugar or vanillin to taste. Beat with an immersion blender into a paste-like mass.
  • Also, use a blender to grind the cookies into crumbs.
  • Pour the remaining 40 ml of milk and melted butter into a bowl with crushed cookies. Mix well.
  • We cover the kitchen board with cling film and spread the cookie crumbs.
    You should get a rectangle with a length that corresponds to the length of the banana and a little more at the edges so that they can be closed. And in width – so that you can cover the banana.
  • I do not tamp the layer of cookies, then in combination with the cheese filling, a nice relief will be obtained.
  • With the help of a culinary bag or simply with a spoon, I spread the cheese mass.
  • Place a banana on top. Carefully cover the banana with the bottom layer with the help of a film, form a tight roll with your hands.
  • We send the roll in cling film to the refrigerator for about 2 hours to harden.
  • Cheese roll with banana without baking is ready. Cut and serve to the table.
    Have a nice tea party!


Tender, juicy, very cute in the cut.
It's easy to prepare, and it's eaten instantly!