Collection of PP-recipes

Cost: 999₴

A collection of PP-recipes with an analysis at BZHU 

In the collection of PP recipes you will find:

🔹️15 recipes for omelets and sandwich options

🔹️20 dishes of meat and vegetables

🔹️10 options of soups

🔹️15 fish and seafood dishes

🔹️15 recipes for PP desserts

🔹️15 recipes for casseroles and salads

All recipes in the collection are supplemented with a description of the cooking process and ingredients by grams. Even a novice can cook an ideal dish.

Each recipe is calculated on BJU and calories.

The recipes are selected according to the criteria “quick, tasty, useful”. You will not have to spend a lot of time on their preparation. And also they can be easily combined with each other every day.

The basis is the principles of proper nutrition, so that food fulfills its main purpose – to saturate with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements. And was also a source of pleasure, and was not only useful, but also delicious!